Another great day♥️💙

Tomorrow and Monday will be your first home days! I know you will all do just wonderful 🤗. I labeled there folder pockets with Friday and Monday work, that is their every day repeated papers. That does not include their work in their books. Their book work is listed on the September lesson plan calendar.

Handwriting work sheets – no tracing, write under each name, letter or number. Ask your student to tell you about letter jumping on the bed or not staying under the covers… Ask about capital letters standing at attention, BIG SOLDIERS, feet on the floor head to the ceiling.., I know this all sounds silly 😜BUT it works and they remember silly stuff

Book work – Social Studies, this is their reader. Read-read-read! You can never read it to many times. Make sure they are touching each word with their finger. After reading through a few times, stop periodically and have them say the word you are on. Read one line at a time together.                           Just keep reading…just keep reading 🐟

math – at this point everything is review, so they should sail right through.

Time – this is your day! Have fun! This should not take over an hour. We have been doing long Aa for our phonic, take a walk and look for Acorns…the sky is the limit! Get creative but most importantly spend time together and have FUN🙌🏼

Next week we will pick it up a bit and start rolling💪🏼

Have a GREAT weekend!

Be blessed, bless someone





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