You guys did great on your homes days! The kids received many merits today for their work completed on home days. Thank you to the Moore family who brought everyone an Acorn today for last weeks phonic of Long A, We will be germinating and planting them soon🤗

Some things to keep in mind: when reading with your child, sign off on the page, they receive a merit for EACH signature. If they read it with mom, then dad and later a grandparent that’s 3 merits! They really like merits 😉

Grading on home days – you do not need a key, you are working with them therefore you will know the answers. Please score in blue, if they missed nothing on the page just circle the page number, that lets me know the page had been scored. All pages scored, circle the page number.

corrections – make sure that all work is corrected wether it be a home day or a school day. When looking over their papers after school each day if something needs to be fixed, please do so.

September Sight words – students have several copies, hang them in places they look often. Example: on bathroom mirror, in front of toilet, below tv, car… New sight words go out each month.

folders – should be signed every day, your signature lets me know you have sat down with your student and went over their work. This also gets them a merit each day😉    Please empty folders each day of any papers.

work load – will continue picking up over this week and next.

We are having so much FUN!



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