Mrs. Jackie’s Classroom

Working hard

My little guys and gals are working so hard!! We are seeing so much growth from being able to cut our paper with siccors, opening our markers, write our name, make letters with play doh.  These are  big steps for them!! Hand and eye cordnation is something we work on...

A Great 1st Day

Just a few reminders check folders and sign please. Please send water to have during the day and at recess. It's super hot and we play for bout 30 mins. Remember to send a snack daily. Something that doesnt make a big mess. They can have water only to drink at snack...

So glad I got to meet each of the families last night. Cant wait to start our great adventure this year. Things have started with a great big hop and you are already growing by leaps. We are going to have a hoppity froggy year. F.R.O.G       Forever Rely  on God

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