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Homeschool days – your students folder has 3 pieces of handwriting paper for Friday and Monday. The assignment is

  • 1. write first and last name on each line.
  • 2. Write alphabet Aa – Zz, upper case and lower case, example: Aa.  Bb.  Cc.  Dd.
  • 3. Write numbers 0-20.  *They may look at a chart as they write but make sure they are saying each letter / number as they write it.

Book work is on their planner.

PLEASE CONTINUE WORKING ON LONG Aa and SHORT Aa sounds. They should be able to tell you if they hear the long or short sound and where they hear it…       beginning – middle – end.

Reading – Tracking with their finger is the most important thing at this time. Make sure they are touching the word as it is said. They will not begin learning how to read until they are good trackers. Don’t mistake memorization as reading 😉. They must touch the word and say it…Read-Read-Read!

Sight words – by this time I’m sure they are hanging all through the house and car, 😁.  Please spend just 3 minutes a day on these words.

Have a BLESSED weekend ♥️

BLESS someone 💙

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